Best MMORPG 2024: The Ultimate List of MMORPGs for PC Revealed!

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Best MMORPGs in 2024 ( PC Version )

Today, I\’m stepping slightly off the beaten path of productivity-focused content to indulge in a passion of mine: MMORPGs
While my usual focus revolves around boosting productivity with AI tools, I couldn\’t resist delving into the captivating world of virtual realms that MMORPGs offer.

Drawing from my personal experience and passion for MMOs, I\’ve compiled an extensive guide covering factors to consider when choosing an MMORPG, My top picks for 2024,

The evolution of these games, and invaluable player tips and social aspects. So, while this may be a departure from our usual topics, join me as we take a break from all the grinding and embark on an exhilarating journey into the digital landscapes of epic adventures.

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Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best MMORPG for PC

Popularity of MMORPGs on PC

The PC gaming landscape has been a breeding ground for MMORPG enthusiasts. The keyboard and mouse setup, coupled with powerful hardware, provide an ideal platform for the immersive experiences these games offer. Now, let\’s dive into the key considerations when selecting the perfect MMORPG for your PC.

Graphics and Visual Appeal

In the visually-driven world of gaming, graphics play a pivotal role. The best MMORPGs for PC boast stunning visuals that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Gameplay and Mechanics

Beyond aesthetics, solid gameplay mechanics are the backbone of any MMORPG. Fluid combat systems, engaging quests, and a well-crafted progression system are crucial elements that keep players invested in the virtual world.

Community and Multiplayer Interaction

One of the defining features of MMORPGs is the multiplayer aspect. A thriving in-game community enhances the experience, fostering camaraderie, competition, and collaboration. The best MMORPGs create a social environment where players can form lasting connections.

Customization and Character Development

The ability to tailor your in-game persona is a key aspect of MMORPGs. Robust character customization options and a meaningful progression system contribute to the personalization of your virtual identity.

Best MMORPGs for PC in 2024

World of Warcraft (Best MMORPG of All Time?)


World of Warcraft (WoW) stands as a titan in the MMORPG realm. With its rich lore, diverse races, and constant updates, WoW continues to captivate players worldwide. The game\’s longevity is a testament to its enduring appeal. certainly one of the best MMORPG games of all time, if not the best!

World of Warcraft Insights:

  1. Genre: World of Warcraft (WoW) is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Warcraft universe.
  2. Subscription: it requires a subscription To play high-level characters
  3. Free Play: Returning players can play for free up to level 20
  4. Expansions: Over the years, WoW has released multiple expansions, keeping the game dynamic
  5. Community: There are active communities on platforms like Reddit and Wowhead
  6. Media Presence: WoW has a significant online and social media presence, including Twitter and Facebook
  7. History: Launched in 2004, WoW has been influential in the MMORPG genre. World of Warcraft\’s stunning fantasy landscape, intricate quests, and adaptable gameplay appealed to both beginners and experienced users. Its debut coincided with decreasing prices for powerful video cards and fast processor
  8. Is it still worth playing?  As of 2024, WoW is considered worth playing, with positive changes implemented. read more reviews at the WindowsCentral website and GameRant website
  9. In-Game Economy: The WoW Companion Andriod App allows players to manage in-game auctions
  10. Cultural Impact: WoW has expanded into various media, including board games and video adaptations


  • Expansion Updates: WoW regularly introduces expansions, adding new content, dungeons, and story arcs to keep the player base engaged.
  • Raids and Endgame Content: The game is renowned for its challenging raids, providing high-level players with intense cooperative challenges.


  • The subscription-based model may deter some players.

Additional insights:

Final Fantasy XIV


Final Fantasy XIV has risen from the ashes to become a powerhouse in the MMORPG genre. With a gripping narrative, stunning visuals, and a player-friendly approach, it has garnered a dedicated fan base.

Final Fantasy 14 Insights:

  • MMORPG by SQUARE ENIX: developed by SQUARE ENIX. Final Fantasy XIV is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game
  • GENRE: Massively MultiplayerRPG
  • Available Platforms: The game is available on various platforms, including Steam
  • Free Trial: FFXIV offers a free trial allowing players to experience a portion of the game at no cost. But your level is Capped at Lvl 70, and you will also be limited to only 8 characters. Still one of the best free MMORPGs. More Discussion about FF 14 Free Trial
  • Solo Play: The game\’s story can be played entirely solo.
  • Positive Reception: FFXIV has received positive reviews, making it a worthwhile experience in 2024
  • Expansions: The game has expansions like \”A Realm Reborn\” and \”Endwalker\”
  • Official Channels: Stay updated through official channels on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook
  • Wiki and Guides: Resources like Gamer Escape\’s Wiki and Icy Veins provide detailed guides and information
  • Community: Engage with the community on platforms like Reddit
  • Available for Purchase: The game is available for purchase on  Square Enix:  Complete Edition $59.99
  • Recent Developments: FFXIV is expanding to Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024, showcasing ongoing support and development.


  • Narrative Focus: FFXIV is celebrated for its cinematic storytelling, offering players an immersive narrative experience with frequent updates expanding the main storyline.
  • Job System: The unique job system allows players to switch classes, fostering diverse playstyles within the same character.


  • Initial pacing may feel slow for some players.

Guild Wars 2


Guild Wars 2 is an online role-playing game featuring fast-paced action combat, a rich and detailed universe of stories, awe-inspiring landscapes to explore, and two challenging player vs. player modes.

Guild Wars 2 Insights:

  • Diverse Races and Professions: The game offers five races and nine professions, providing players with varied character options and playstyles
  • Fast-Paced Combat: high-impact, fast-paced combat with a wide array of professions, weapons, and playstyles
  • True 3D Environments: Unlike its predecessor, Guild Wars 2 supports true 3D environments, detailed landscapes, improved lighting, and shadows
  • Expansions and Updates: Guild Wars 2 receives expansions like End of Dragons and Secrets of the Obscure and regular updates, introducing new content, areas, and gameplay features
  • Expansion Release: In 2024, Guild Wars 2 anticipates significant updates, such as the \”Through the Veil\” expansion, scheduled for release on February 27th. This update promises substantial content and features.
  • Expansions in Progress: Excitingly, ArenaNet, the developer of Guild Wars 2, is actively working on expansions for both 2024 and 2025. Players can expect continued development and new content to enhance their gaming experience.
  • Recent Updates: Guild Wars 2 January 2024 update with plans for Lunar New Year celebrations and a second skills and balance update. These updates aim to keep the gameplay dynamic and engaging.
  • World vs. World Changes: The World vs. World Team of Guild Wars 2 is gearing up to introduce a guild hall arena update and other changes early in 2024 This suggests ongoing efforts to enhance different aspects of the game.
  • Player-Driven Analytics: The game incorporates player-driven analytics, providing insights into gameplay and features


  • Living World Updates: The game features a living world that evolves with regular updates, introducing new storylines and events that respond to player choices.
  • Dynamic Events: Events dynamically change based on player actions, creating a dynamic and evolving game environment.


  • The in-game economy may pose challenges for new players.

The Elder Scrolls Online


For fans of the Elder Scrolls series, The Elder Scrolls Online delivers an expansive world with a wealth of lore. Its open-world exploration and deep storytelling contribute to its popularity.

The Elder Scrolls Online insights:

  • Gameplay Fusion: Combining elements of traditional Elder Scrolls single-player RPGs with online multiplayer features, players create characters, choose classes, and explore diverse regions.
  • Rich Storytelling: ES
  • O features a compelling narrative with multiple storylines, quests, and a vast world to explore. It offers a mix of PvE and PvP content.
  • Expansions and Updates: The game receives regular updates and expansions, introducing new content, zones, and features. Players can purchase expansions to access additional storylines and regions.
  • Community and Events: ESO has an active community with forums, in-game events, and festivals. Player-created guilds and alliances contribute to the social aspect of the game.
  • Payment Model: Initially subscription-based, ESO transitioned to a buy-to-play model with optional in-game purchases. Players can purchase the base game and expansions without a subscription.
  • Community and Events: ESO has an active community with forums, in-game events, and festivals
  1. Reddit – ESO: Community discussions and shared experiences.
  2. ESO Forums: Player connections and in-game updates.
  3. Tamriel Foundry: Guides, builds, and gameplay discussions.
  4. UESP Wiki: Comprehensive information on quests and lore.
  5. ESOUI: Addons for interface and gameplay customization


  • Tamriel Unlimited: The game allows exploration of the entire continent of Tamriel, providing a vast and diverse landscape for players to discover.
  • Player Housing: TESO offers a robust player housing system, allowing players to personalize their own spaces within the game world.


  • Combat mechanics may feel clunky to some players.

Best MMORPGs Niche Worth Exploring

Star Wars: The Old Republic


Transport yourself to the Star Wars universe with The Old Republic. This MMORPG offers an epic journey through the galaxy, complete with lightsaber battles and a compelling narrative.

Star Wars: The Old Republic insights:

  • Regular Updates: BioWare, the developer of Star Wars: The Old Republic, typically provides regular updates, including new story content, events, and gameplay improvements. Players can expect ongoing support for the game with a focus on expanding the Star Wars universe within the MMO setting.
  • In-game Events in January 2024: Scheduled for Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR), as detailed in the official news updates and developer blogs.
  • Galactic Seasons 6 Release: Anticipated with the upcoming release 7.4.1 of SWTOR, bringing a new story and primary rewards for players
  • SWTOR News Archives: Provides up-to-date information about the MMO video game Star Wars: The Old Republic, including news and updates from Bioware Austin. Check it At vulkk,com
  • Star War Community:
    1. SWTOR Forums: Official space for player discussions and developer updates.
    2. Community Blog: Official blog for game insights and updates.
    3. TORCommunity: First fansite offering guides, tools, and databases.
    4. Reddit – The Old Republic – Star Wars: Community-driven discussions and news.
    5. SWTOR Fan Community – Events: Updates on game-related events.
    6. Steam Community: Steam hub for player interactions and discussions.
  • Star Wars Games in 2024: Expected impact, including SWTOR, with a big release scheduled and potential reveals for upcoming content
  • BioWare Commitment to 2024 and 2025: Despite moving to a third-party studio, BioWare affirms its commitment to supporting Star Wars: The Old Republic into 2024 and 2025


  • Story-driven Quests: SWTOR is acclaimed for its story-driven quests, offering players a choice-based narrative with multiple branching paths.
  • Light and Dark Side Choices: Player decisions affect their alignment with the Light or Dark Side of the Force, influencing the story and character progression.


  • Limited endgame content compared to other MMORPGs.

Black Desert Online


Black Desert Online boasts a stunning open world and a groundbreaking character customization system. Its action-oriented combat adds a layer of dynamism, attracting players seeking a visually striking experience.

Black Desert Online Insights:

  • Developer: Black Desert Online is a revolutionary action MMORPG developed by Pearl Abyss
  • New Class Scholar Update: Regular updates introduce new classes like the Scholar, offering fresh adventures
  • Heart-Pumping Action: Known for its dynamic combat system, the game provides thrilling, visually stunning action in intense battles.
  • Open World MMORPG: a vast open world for exploration, questing, and interactions with other players.
  • Multiplatform Availability: Play on PC Steam, consoles, and mobile devices for a versatile gaming experience.
  • International Player Community: The active and diverse player community fosters social interactions, guilds, and cooperative gameplay. active fan communities for Black Desert Online include:
    1. Black Desert NA/EU Community Forum: Open discussions and valuable information.
    2. Black Desert Steam Discussions: General discussions covering various Black Desert topics.
    3. Black Desert Official Forums: Sections for class discussion, gameplay, feedback, and more.
    4. Black Desert Steam Community: Steam hub for discussions and support.

for the latest information and to embark on the adventure, visit the official Black Desert Online website.


  • Action Combat System: BDO features an action-oriented combat system, providing a more visceral and skill-based approach to battles.
  • Node System: The game includes a complex node system that affects trade routes, resource availability, and territorial control.


  • The steep learning curve for new players.

EVE Online


For those with a penchant for space exploration and intricate player-driven economies, EVE Online provides a sandbox environment where players shape the course of the game.

EVE Online Insights:

  • Space MMORPG: EVE Online is a space-based MMORPG released in 2003 by CCP Games.
  • Player-Driven Economy: The game features a dynamic player-driven economy with activities like trading, mining, and manufacturing.
  • Open-World Exploration: Players explore a vast open-world sci-fi universe, engaging in various combat and non-combat activities.
  • Crucial Overview Interface: The overview is an essential part of the user interface, allowing players to customize the list for viewing items in space.
  • Enhance Gameplay with Packs: Players often use different overview settings and packs like Z-S Overview Pack and EVE Overview Generator to enhance their gaming experience.
  • In-Game Complexity: The EVE Online gaming community features elaborate elements such as complex warfare, intricate political dynamics, and a system of self-governance embedded within the game. for more info read this Wired Article, which is highly recommended before deciding to play this game
  • Fan Communities: 
  1. EVE Fanfest: Annual Reykjavik event celebrating EVE Online, showcasing community experiences. EVE Fanfest
  2. EVE Community Hub: Central hub for real experiences and interactions within EVE Online
  3. Community Stories: PCGamesN highlights player stories and camaraderie at EVE Fanfest.
  4. Additionally, Explore official sites, communities, and fan sites related to EVE Online at EVE Online Ships


  • Player-Driven Economy: EVE\’s economy is entirely player-driven, with markets, production, and trade controlled by the player community.
  • Massive Space Battles: The game is known for its massive space battles involving thousands of players in real-time, shaping the game\’s political landscape.


  • High learning curve and time investment required.

Blade & Soul


Blade & Soul combines martial arts-inspired combat with a captivating story. Its visually striking world and fast-paced action make it a standout choice for players seeking a unique MMORPG experience.

Blade and Soul Insights:

  • Genre: Free-to-play MMORPG
  • Setting: Blade & Soul\’s narrative revolves around a martial arts-themed fantasy world with an original storyline centered on Alka, a swordswoman seeking revenge for her murdered teacher.
  • Protagonist: Alka\’s character and journey are central to the game\’s plot and player engagement.
  • Gameplay Features:
    1. Dynamic Combat System: Blade & Soul is known for its dynamic combat system, offering players an engaging and skill-based experience.
    2. Quests: The game features a wide array of quests, providing players with diverse activities and challenges.
    3. Classes: Blade & Soul offers a variety of classes, including the Assassin and Blade Master, each with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Playable Races: Players can choose from four distinct races – Gon, Jin, Kun, and Lyn, each with its own characteristics and lore.
  • Visuals: Blade & Soul boasts a visually stunning game world, immersing players in a rich and detailed environment.
  • Fan Communities: Discover the vibrant Blade & Soul community across various platforms:
    1. Official Forums: Engage in general discussion, player support, and share fan creations.
    2. Blade & Soul Dojo: A dedicated fan site with discussions, news, and fan creations.
    3. Reddit – r/bladeandsoul: Join the subreddit for player experiences, questions, and game discussions.
    4. Yu Chun Fan Club: A fan club on the official forums for enthusiasts of the character Yu Chun.
    5. Helpful Community Sites: Explore an archived post listing useful Blade & Soul community sites.


  • Martial Arts Combat: B&S offers a unique martial arts combat system, adding a dynamic and visually impressive element to battles.
  • Epic Quests: The game features a rich narrative with epic quests and a focus on character-driven storytelling.


  • Limited endgame content compared to other MMORPGs.



Before we wrap this up, why not take a quick detour into another type of game? If you\’re ready to switch gears, let\’s dive into something different – let\’s play a unique kind of game, Gimkit! For an exciting blend of learning and fun, check out my post about Gimkit

TLDR: What is The Best MMORPG in 2024?

Explore our Top MMORPGs of 2024, each boasting unique advantages:

I. Best MMORPG of All Time: World of Warcraft (WoW)

  • Key Advantage: Enduring titan in the MMORPG genre, rich lore, and constant updates, with a 66% discount on Steam.

II.Best Free MMORPG with Stunning Visuals: Final Fantasy XIV

  • Key Advantage: Gripping narrative, stunning visuals, and a player-friendly approach, with ongoing support and an expansion to Xbox Series X|S in Spring 2024.

III. Best MMORPG with No Subscription Fees: Guild Wars 2

  • Key Advantage: Fast-paced action combat, immersive storytelling with dynamic events, and no subscription fees, with exciting expansions in progress.

IV. Epic Elder Scrolls Fusion: The Elder Scrolls Online

  • Key Advantage: Fusion of Elder Scrolls single-player RPG elements with online multiplayer features, rich storytelling, and a vast Tamriel to explore.

V. Best Star Wars MMORPG: Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Key Advantage: Epic journey through the Star Wars galaxy, regular updates, and a story-driven quest system with choices impacting Light or Dark Side alignment.

VI. Best MMORPG For Mobile: Black Desert Online

  • Key Advantage: Stunning open world, groundbreaking character customization, and action-oriented combat on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

VII. Most Player-Driven MMORPG: EVE Online

  • Key Advantage: Sandbox environment with a player-driven economy, massive space battles, and ongoing support from CCP Games.

VIII. Best Free MMORPG 2024: Blade & Soul

  • Key Advantage: Martial arts-inspired combat, captivating storyline, and visually striking world, offering a dynamic and skill-based experience.

Call it passion with a touch of XP


\”I\’m not addicted; I\’m just passionately committed to my virtual quests \” -Yuri

What a fantastic journey it\’s been, traversing the digital landscapes of the best MMORPGs! We\’ve battled mythical beasts, soared through space, and mastered martial arts. quite the virtual workout, huh?

In this seamless blend of reality and fantasy, the adventure never truly ends. May your loot be legendary, your quests epic, and your respawn times swift. Happy gaming, fellow adventurers! Until our avatars cross paths again, Stay Savvy!

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