Excel Tutorial – Excel Savvy #1: Recommended Excel Shortcuts for Efficiency and Productivity

Recommended Excel Shortcuts: Boost Your Efficiency and Productivity

Keyboard shortcuts are a game-changer when it comes to increasing your efficiency in Excel. Instead of wasting time navigating through menus and clicking multiple times, you can easily perform tasks with just a few keystrokes. In this article, we\’ll explore essential Excel shortcuts that will turbocharge your productivity and help you become an Excel Savvy.

Here are Savvy\’s recommended Excel shortcuts for improved productivity. For a complete (and extremely long) list of Excel shortcuts. Click Here.


Essential Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigation

Navigating through Excel spreadsheets can be time-consuming, especially when dealing with large datasets. Here are some essential keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation:

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + Arrow Key Move to the edge of the data region
Ctrl + Home Move to cell A1
Ctrl + End Move to the last cell with data in a worksheet
Page Up/Page Down Scroll one screen up/down
Alt + Page Up/Page Down Move between worksheets
Ctrl + Tab Switch between open workbooks
Ctrl + F6 Switch between open workbooks
Ctrl + F9 Minimize the current workbook window

By mastering these keyboard shortcuts, you\’ll be able to navigate through your worksheets with ease and efficiency.


Time-Saving Shortcuts for Formatting

Formatting your data in Excel is essential for presenting information clearly. Here are some time-saving shortcuts for formatting:

Shortcut Description
Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I, Ctrl+U Apply bold, italic, or underline formatting to selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+F Open the Format Cells dialog box for advanced formatting options.
Ctrl+Shift+1 Apply the Number format to selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+5 Apply the Strikethrough format to selected cells.
Ctrl+Shift+$ Apply the Currency format to selected cells.

By using these shortcuts, you can format your data quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and effort.


Powerful Shortcuts for Data Analysis

Excel is a powerful tool for data analysis, and these shortcuts will help you make the most of its capabilities:

Shortcut Description
Alt+= Automatically sum a range of numbers.
F2 Edit the contents of a cell.
Ctrl+Shift+L Apply filters to a range of data.
Alt+D, P Create a pivot table from selected data.
F9 Calculate the selected formula.

By mastering these shortcuts, you\’ll be able to perform data analysis tasks with ease and efficiency, empowering you to derive valuable insights from your data.


Additional Excel Shortcuts

In addition to the essential shortcuts mentioned above, Excel offers a wide range of other shortcuts that can further enhance your productivity. Here are a few more examples:

General Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + N New Workbook
Ctrl + O Open Workbook
Ctrl + S Save Workbook
Ctrl + P Print Workbook
Ctrl + F4 Close Workbook
Ctrl + W Close Excel
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + A Select All
Ctrl + F Find
Ctrl + H Replace
Ctrl + G Go To
Ctrl + Q Quick Analysis

Navigation Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Shift + Arrow Key Extend selection
Ctrl + Space Select the entire column
Shift + Space Select the entire row
Ctrl + Shift + Arrow Key Select the data region
Ctrl + F9 Minimize the current workbook window
Ctrl + F10 Maximize or restore the current workbook window
Alt + F11 Open Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) editor
Ctrl + F Activate the Find box
Ctrl + Shift + F Activate the Find and Replace box

Editing Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
F2 Edit the active cell
Ctrl + Enter Enter data in selected cells
Alt + E, S, V Paste Special
Ctrl + \’ (Apostrophe) Copy the formula from above cell
Ctrl + \” (Quotation Mark) Copy the value from above cell

Formatting Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + 1 Format cells dialog box
Ctrl + B Bold
Ctrl + I Italic
Ctrl + U Underline
Ctrl + 5 Strikethrough
Ctrl + Shift + $ Currency format
Ctrl + Shift + # Date format
Ctrl + 0 Hide columns
Ctrl + Shift + + (Plus Key) Unhide columns
Ctrl + 9 Hide rows
Ctrl + Shift + – (Minus Key) Unhide rows

Data Entry Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Alt + Enter Start a new line in a cell
Ctrl + ; Insert the current date
Ctrl + Shift + : (Colon) Insert the current time
Ctrl + ` (Grave Accent) Toggle formula view
Ctrl + – (Minus Key) Delete contents of selected cells

Function Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Alt + = AutoSum
Ctrl + Shift + \”$\” Insert dollar signs in a formula
Ctrl + ~ Toggle display of formulas and values

Cell Reference Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
F4 Toggle between relative and absolute references
Ctrl + Shift + L Apply or remove AutoFilter
Ctrl + Shift + $ Apply Currency format
Ctrl + Shift + % Apply Percentage format

Window Shortcuts

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + Shift + (Plus Key) Group rows or columns
Ctrl + Shift + ) (Right Parenthesis) Ungroup rows or columns
Ctrl + 8 Toggle display of outline symbols
Alt + Shift + – (Minus Key) Insert a horizontal line in a cell
Alt + Enter Enter a new line within a cell

These shortcuts cover a wide range of Excel functions and tasks. They are designed to help you work more efficiently and navigate through Excel with ease.

Considerations: for Excel Web and Excel Mac Users

The keyboard shortcuts mentioned in the post apply to the desktop version of Microsoft Excel. However, the availability of shortcuts in the web version of Excel, or for the Mac version might vary

Here are some general considerations:

Excel Web Shortcuts

  1. Microsoft Excel Online:
    • Excel Online provides a subset of features compared to the desktop version.
    • Some keyboard shortcuts might not be available or might have different key combinations.
    • Basic navigation and formatting shortcuts are often supported.
  2. Web Browser:
    • The web browser itself may have keyboard shortcuts that could conflict with Excel Online shortcuts. : for example, Ctrl + S might save the webpage instead of saving the workbook.
  1. Updates:
    • Microsoft regularly updates its Office Online applications, and new features, including shortcuts, may be added over time.

Excel Shortcuts for Mac

some of the keyboard shortcuts might have slight variations on a Mac. Here are the common adjustments for Mac users:

  1. Replace Ctrl with Command () key.
  2. Replace Alt with Option key
  3. The Home and End keys might not be available on all Mac keyboards.

For example:

  • Windows Shortcut: Ctrl + Arrow Key
  • Mac Shortcut: Command+ Arrow Key
  • Windows Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + L
  • Mac Shortcut: Command + Shift + L

*learn more? I recommend checking Microsoft\’s official documentation

These shortcuts are just the tip of the iceberg. Excel offers a vast array of other shortcuts for various tasks, Exploring and mastering these recommended shortcuts will significantly boost your efficiency and productivity in Excel.

Notice I have carefully reviewed the list on Windows 11 to ensure accuracy. If you encounter any issues or have further concerns, please leave a comment. Savvy is here to assist you.

Excel Savvy #1 Finale

Practice makes perfect: The more you use these shortcuts, the more proficient you\’ll become. So, start incorporating these shortcuts into your Excel workflow and become an Excel Savvy!

Excel Shortcuts Lists:

Excel shortcuts Full List

We\’ve delved into a curated collection of Excel shortcuts to boost productivity. If you\’re looking for a comprehensive (albeit lengthy) list of Excel shortcuts, you can find it on the Microsoft support page

Download Excel Shortcuts Cheat Sheet PDF

You can also download Microsoft\’s Excel shortcuts cheat sheet


I hope this article helps you become more efficient in Excel. Stay tuned for more in our Excel tutorial series; in our next post, we will talk about Excel customization, covering tasks such as adding/removing commands, customizing the toolbar, and a lot more! If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to reach out. Stay Savvy and keep exploring the world of Excel, Until next time.

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